ElevenLabs Unveils Audio Native: Automated, Human-like Narration for Websites

ElevenLabs Unveils Audio Native: Automated, Human-like Narration for Websites
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ElevenLabs has launched Audio Native, an embeddable audio player that automatically generates human-like narration for blog posts, news sites, and other web content. This innovative tool aims to enhance reader engagement and make content more accessible to a wider audience.

Audio Native uses ElevenLabs' text-to-speech technology to create an automated voiceover for any article, blog, or newsletter. The player is customizable, allowing users to select a default voice, customize the player's appearance, and even add a pronunciation dictionary for unique brand terms.

Setting up Audio Native is super simple and the company provides starter guides for popular CMS platforms. Overall, we were able to get Audio Native up and running within a few minutes. There are three ways to deploy it:

  1. Embed the player and let it automatically voice the site's content
  2. Embed audio from an existing ElevenLabs project
  3. Use the API to programmatically create an Audio Native player for existing content

After deploying Audio Native, users can track audience engagement through a built-in listener dashboard, which provides valuable metrics and insights. To use Audio Native, you must subscribe to a Creator plan or higher from ElevenLabs.

While Audio Native is a valuable tool for enhancing content accessibility and engagement, the landscape of AI technology is rapidly evolving. As on-device AI models become more prevalent in laptops and mobile devices, and browsers like Chrome begin leveraging these models, we can expect solutions like Audio Native to transition to local implementations. This shift will likely provide even faster, more efficient, and more personalized user experiences.

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