SoundHound Announces Partnership with Perplexity

SoundHound Announces Partnership with Perplexity

SoundHound has partnered with Perplexity to bring more natural and intuitive voice assistants to cars, IoT devices, and more.

With this integration, SoundHound Chat AI will be able to provide accurate and up-to-date responses to web-based queries that static LLMs currently struggle with. Users can ask complex questions like "How does the price of gas this week compare to last week?" and receive not only accurate, real-time information but also a comprehensive, context-rich explanation generated by the AI.

The partnership enhances SoundHound's already robust AI offerings. SoundHound's voice assistant is the first to combine generative AI capabilities with real-world applications, like navigating to the nearest gas station using seamless integration with navigation systems. These features are powered by nearly two decades of expertise in AI, speech recognition, and natural language processing, setting a new benchmark for accuracy and speed in voice interactions.

SoundHound's voice products are also now smarter with a proprietary arbitration technology that reduces AI errors by choosing the most appropriate responses. This means interactions are not only quicker but also more reliable.

Dmitry Shevelenko, Chief Business Officer at Perplexity, expressed excitement about the integration, noting that it brings them closer to making advanced AI accessible on all devices. Meanwhile, Mike Zagorsek, COO of SoundHound, highlighted the user experience improvements, anticipating that the convenience of sophisticated voice queries will encourage more people to choose voice interactions over typing.

This partnership is a strategic move for both companies. SoundHound's Chat AI, already deployed in over 12 countries and 18 languages, will become even more powerful and competitive with this addition. Meanwhile, Perplexity gains another strong distribution channel, expanding its reach and making its LLM-driven search capabilities more accessible to a broader market.

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