Google's AI Photo Editing Tools Available to all Google Photos Users

Google's AI Photo Editing Tools Available to all Google Photos Users

Starting May 15th, all Google Photos users will be able to access AI editing tools. Previously, features like Magic Editor, Photo Unblur, and Magic Eraser were exclusive to Pixel devices or locked behind a paywall. They will now be accessible to a broader user base at no additional cost, but with some limitations.

The expansion of these AI-driven capabilities marks a notable shift in Google's strategy, as it aims to empower more users with professional-grade editing tools. "With the right editing tools, your photos can really shine," says Dina Berrada, Director of Product Management for Google Photos. "We're bringing those capabilities to even more people."

Among the AI-powered features, Photo Unblur stands out for its ability to sharpen and clarify blurry images, while Magic Eraser enables users to remove unwanted objects or photobombers with just a few taps.

Portrait Light, another tool in the lineup, allows for easy adjustment of light position and brightness in portrait shots.

Perhaps the most exciting addition is Magic Editor, a generative AI tool that debuted with the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro. With Magic Editor, users can perform complex edits, such as repositioning subjects or changing the sky's color, through simple and intuitive actions. Android and iOS users will receive 10 free Magic Editor saves per month, with unlimited access granted to Pixel owners and Google One subscribers on 2TB or higher plans.

To use these features, devices must meet minimum requirements, including a 64-bit chip, 4GB of RAM, and either iOS 15 or Android 8.0. The rollout will happen gradually, beginning on May 15th and continuing over the following weeks.

While the tools bring new creative possibilities, they also underscore the evolving nature of photography and the ongoing debate surrounding the role of AI in shaping our perceptions of reality.

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