Google Unveils new AI-Powered Video Creation App, Security, and Workflow Enhancements for Workspace

Google Unveils new AI-Powered Video Creation App, Security, and Workflow Enhancements for Workspace

Google has announced a suite of exciting updates and features for Google Workspace, aimed at empowering businesses with generative AI and enhanced security. The tech giant is introducing Google Vids, an AI-powered video creation app, along with AI-driven improvements to meetings, messaging, and security.

Google Vids, set to be released to Workspace Labs in June, brings the magic of real-time collaboration to video creation. The app acts as a video, writing, production, and editing assistant, enabling users to generate storyboards, choose styles, and piece together scenes from stock videos, images, and background music. With Vids, anyone can become a great storyteller at work.

The company is also offering two commercial add-ons, each priced at $10 per user per month. The AI Meetings and Messaging add-on includes features like "Take notes for me," which automatically takes notes during meetings, and "Translate for me," which detects and translates captions in Meet with support for 69 languages. Later this year, Google will launch automatic translation of messages and on-demand conversation summaries in Google Chat.

The AI Security add-on allows IT teams to automatically classify and protect sensitive files in Google Drive using privacy-preserving AI models trained on organization-specific data. Google is also extending DLP controls and classification labels to Gmail in beta and adding experimental support for post-quantum cryptography in client-side encryption.

Integrating Vertex AI with Google Workspace enables organizations to build custom AI agents and streamline workflows. For ecxample, Bristol Myers Squibb has used this integration to transform the documentation process for clinical trials, reducing the time to create Informed Consent Forms from weeks to minutes.

Other improvements coming to Workspace include voice prompting and instant polish in Gmail, new building blocks and notifications in Sheets, tabs and personalization in Docs, and increased member capacity and interoperability in Chat.

These updates demonstrate Google's commitment to leveraging AI to enhance productivity, collaboration, and security within the Workspace ecosystem, ultimately helping businesses of all sizes to outdo themselves.

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